What is WebCar.Rent?

WebCar.Rent is an ambitious project developed with the aim of merging the website with the private management of rent a cars. When a user makes a reservation through the website, they are modifying a record in our database in real time, without transfers or synchronisations, fully interactive, presenting the prices of our rates, the same ones we use in our offices, and which are also used by our sales agents. Everything remains interconnected in the cloud under SSL protection and under the supervision of the company's staff.

General characteristics


It is compatible with all platforms and devices on the market.


The information is updated in real time, allowing us to easily monitor our business.


The responsive interface makes it possible to take advantage of the entire visual field of the screen, automatically adjusting to each device.


High security through SSL encryption and regular backups.

What can you do with WebCar.Rent?

Reservation planning

The planning allows you to distinguish the different bookings by colour and to interact with them by clicking on them.

Contract and invoice printing

The contract is printed in 2 clicks from the booking and can be issued in 4 different languages. It is also possible to print in narrow paper format for portable printers. In addition, the same booking can be invoiced to different customers. The invoices are classified in different series that can be parameterised and each one can be issued in the invoice book in EXCEL format.


Both the delivery and pick-up reports and the booking reports can be made between dates and by office. The booking reports distinguish the status of bookings by their colour and give us the possibility to interact with them with a click. In addition, the application contains a complete commission system.

Customer file

The system stores all customers in a database. You can manage both reservation holders and drivers and you can also assign a specific rate to the customer, giving you the possibility to make your reservations conveniently through your mobile phone. The application also has a voucher system that automatically controls the balance of days outstanding.

Vehicle tracking

Each vehicle has an incident file, with the purpose of reporting both historical and preventive information. The system will notify us of any predefined alarm, MOT, insurance expiry and revisions.

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